Economic Thinking Mission and Goals

Economic Thinking is a program of E Pluribus Unum Films, an educational non profit dedicated to teaching how economic freedom, property rights, and the rule of law create progress and prosperity in American and around the world.

E Pluribus Unum Films was founded in June, 2000, taking on Economic Thinking programs in 2004. Through seminars, workshops, guest talks and our website, Economic Thinking reaches a growing number of high school, homeschool, and college students each year. In 2008 we added a full semester curriculum, Economics In A Box. In 2009 we created to bring dramatic and documentary films on freedom to students, teachers, and families.

Economic Thinking Programs

In Your Community: Seminars, Workshops, and Guest Talks

Economic Thinking seminars, workshops, and guest talks connect high school, homeschool, and college students directly to leading scholars from well established free-market groups. We target speech and debate students because they invest large amounts of time and intellectual energy in researching public policy issues, and put their newly learned ideas to work in debate arguments and cases. Speech and debate students are "idea" leaders among their peers, and continue to influence others through college and in their professional careers. We are working with speech and debate clubs nationwide to deepen the discussion of debate policy topics.


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Students, parents, and teachers are not the only ones learning, reading and downloading the latest free-market solutions to public policy issues. Everyone has access to our website, which is filled with references and links to books, videos, and articles on the history and economics of public policy.


Liberty FlixIn 2009 we created to bring dramatic and documentary films on freedom to students, teachers, and families. We believe human liberty is delicate. is a collection of films about Liberty, the most fundamental human right. Understanding how freedom has been lost, how it has been restored, and how it can be fostered, all add to the potential to keep freedom alive. Libertyflix was formed to make available to the world the work that many great and talented artists have created concerning freedom. Films are available for purchase or streaming through or other distributors.

Curriculum: Economics in a Box

Economics in a Box Economics determines today´s social and political landscape, and students who understand these principles are well-positioned to take on leadership in business, government and society. Economic Thinking´s associate Pamela Cooper developed this homeschool curriculum after searching for an affordable way to teach her own children the fundamentals of a free society. Over 200 homeschool families and cooperatives are now teaching economics from our 16-week curriculum.

Economics may be the most exciting and relevant course your high school student ever takes.

Please direct questions to gro.gniknihtcimonoce@ofni

Economic Thinking 2012

Transportation, United Nations reform, economics of foreign policy...

• For the 2012-13 school year Economic Thinking will offer workshops, study guides and online courses for each of three national debate topics:

• The Economics of Federal Transportation Policy, for public school debate students (plus short courses on LD and Public Forum topics).

• The Economics of Reforming or Abolishing the United Nations, for NCFCA debaters (with a focus on development economics).

• The Economics of Foreign Policy, for Stoa debaters.

Since 2003 over 20,000 high school and homeschool students have attended Economic Thinking workshops and guest talks.

Numbers and pictures from 2009...

• 4,422 students • 12,446 hours of learning!

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Economic Thinking Seminar
July 21-22, Concordia Univ. Irvine CA
Students: 55 • Sessions: 3

Economic Thinking Seminar
August 18-19, FEE Economics Seminar
Guest Speaker: Gabriella Megyesi

Economic Thinking Seminar
September 15, Kansas State Fair
Hutchinson, Kansas

Economic Thinking Seminar Economic Thinking Seminar
Volleyball break at FEE!

View pictures from our 2009 Seminars

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Seminars, Workshops, and Talks
Economics Curriculum

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"… you asked who was the most productive/most efficient in the use of donated funds for educating students in free enterprise. In my judgment, the best by far is Greg Rehmke and his think tank Check him out.....Definitely worth a major donation. I don't know anyone who reaches out to more high school and college students with his "Economics in a Box" and his debate courses. He's constantly on the move...
--- Quote from Mark Skousen (Editor, Forecasts & Strategies, and author of Economic Logic and Making of Modern Economics

Greg RehmkeEconomic Thinking Program Director, Gregory F. Rehmke, has directed educational programs for high school, homeschool, and college students for over 20 years. Mr Rehmke has directed educational programs at the Center for the American Idea, The Reason Foundation and the Foundation for Economic Education. Read Greg´ bio.

Through our growing network of homeschool, high school, and college contacts, we are able to minimize the costs of presenting these seminars, workshops and guest talks.