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Education Without the State (pdf)

Economic Thinking posts on debate topics (AstoundingIdeas blogs):
• Economics of Federal Court System
Economics of Asia Trade Policy
Economics of reducing federal surveillance.
Economics of Development and Environment

Older debate topic blogs:
Economics of U.S. Middle East policy.
Realm of Economics: freedom vs. equity.
Economics of federal electronic surveillance.
Economics of ocean exploration and development.

Economic Thinking Online Workshops... coming soon (January, 2015).

Resources for past debate topics.

• Last year's NFL topic: Updated Economic Engagement with Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela Study Guide (9-page pdf).

AstoundingIdeas Blog for Stoa Marine Natural Resources topic.


Sample flyers below from fall NCFCA and Stoa Economic Thinking Workshops. Schedule of workshops here.

Earlier presentations below...

Schedule for 2013 Stoa and NCFCA Economic Thinking workshops.

FEE Tournament 2010 from Cody Min on Vimeo.

Notes and Videos on Stoa debate topic resolution:
Economics of Marine Natural Resources

Economics in a Box economics course

The Third Edition of Economics in a Box is now available.



Global Economy The Complete Idiot's Guide to Global Economics Co-author, Greg Rehmke, helps make global economics understandable.

The Devils Footpath The Devils Footpath DVD The Devil's Footpath takes June Arunga, a 22-year-old law student, on an amazing journey from Cairo to Capetown. A film both heartrending and inspiring. (review by Grassroots institute).

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