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Paul Heyne: Distinguished Economics Lecturer at the University of Washington (note in Columns, the University of Washington Alumni magazine, September 2000).

Idea Shop essay on Paul Heyne: "Paul Heyne was one of the great teachers of economics, and he devoted the better part of his life to teaching what he called “the economic way of thinking” to undergraduates at the University of Washington in Seattle. ..."

Researchers and degree purchasers: the classroom encounter by Dr. Paul Heyne
" The following speech was delivered by the late Paul Heyne, professor of economics at the University of Washington, at a 1997 conference at the University of Manitoba at Winnipeg addressing the state of undergraduate education."


* Two Approaches to the Question of Justice

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* The U.S. Catholic Bishops and the Pursuit Of Justice by Paul Heyne (Cato Policy Report from 1985. "If values could always be clearly distinguished from facts and ends from means, debates over economic policy would be more productive and less rancorous..." This essay is a commentary on the "First Draft of the U.S. Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy."

* Essay on Interest from the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (on www.econlib.org)

* Essay on Efficiency from the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (on www.econlib.org)


* The Economic Way of Thinking

* Online resources for EWT (Pearson/Prentice Hall)


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