2010-11 Ocean Policy Topic

• Ocean Policy Reform Overheads (4 to a page pdf)

Creating Marine Assets (PERC study)

PERC website (Property and Environment Research Center)

NCPA Environment webpage

Institute for Energy Research webpage (seach for "offshore oil drilling")


• Seasteading... Federal policy should allow establishment of offshore Seasteads... (Link to Seasteading Institute.)


2009-2010 NCFCA Team Policy Debate

Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly reform its environmental policy.

Learning about the environment: Research, discussion and debate....or indoctrination?
The Australian

From The Australian: SCHOOLCHILDREN are being brainwashed with an environmental message in the classroom. Children are not just being pinned down in the classroom and force-fed what to think: it's worse than that. The next generation - from primary schoolchildren through to college students - is being taught not to think, merely encouraged to accept the official line. It ought to be a national scandal but no one seems to think that there is anything controversial about environmental indoctrination in schools. ... [Link to full article.]

Water page: Ending the Water Policy Drought


Michael Crichton on why federal government policy on DDT matters.

Click for selected overheads from Santa Clara Univ. presentations.

Recommended Articles and Books on Environmental Policy

Books on Environment, Development, Business

  • Global Greens: Inside the International Environmental Establishment by James M. Sheehan.
  • Chapter Summary, Earth Report 2000, Chapter 1, "The Progress Explosion: Permanently Escaping the Malthusian Trap." Excerpt: "Recent developments in economic theory, called New Growth Theory, have shed considerable light on how humanity has avoided the Malthusian trap. The wellsprings of economic growth are new ideas. People actually improve their lives not through simply using more physical resources, like land, timber, or oil, but by discovering better ways of doing things and novel inventions. Humanity cannot deplete the supply of new ideas, designs, and recipes."
  • Who Is Destroying the World's Forests? (an article I wrote many years ago).
  • PERC
  • Texas World! Click for link to Texasworld article on technology and population issues.
  • Economist Julian Simon is a great resource for high school speech and debate students interested in environmental issues. Simon is optimistic about most environmental issues (though pessimistic about the ability of the media to communicate fairly the scientific issues that surround environmental controversies. Click here for a link to Julian Simon pages that are available online.

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