Economics in a Box

A Full 16-week Semester Economics Course for Homeschool Students.

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Economics may be the most exciting and relevant course your high school student ever takes!

Economic principles explain:

  • Prosperous societies vs those who remain in poverty
  • Job creation and innovative products and services
  • Failing government programs and policies

Economics flows from common sense observations and insights into everyday life. The core textbook, Common Sense Economics, is an easy to understand book that explains economic principles using everyday language and easy to understand illustrations and examples.

Economics determines today´s social and political landscape, and students who understand these principles are well-positioned to take on leadership in business, government and society.

What homeschool parents are saying about our ECONOMICS IN A BOX curriculum:

" son ...positively loved learning about economics through the wide range of resources...
the audio-visuals helped him apply economics to everyday... surpassed my expectations..." - Karen, Maryville, Tennessee (homeschool Mom of 5 kids with 11 years experience)

" ...The videos are incredibly well done, while the written material is both clear and challenging -
appealing to a broad spectrum of learning types... " - Larry, Morristown, Tennessee

" ...This program is exactly what I was looking for!" - Melissa, Jefferson City, Tennessee


Economics in a Box Contents

Common Sense Economics
Common Sense Economics
by Dr. James Gwartney,
Dr. Richard Stroup,
Dr. Dwight Lee
Course curriculum is based on this 194-page book.

The Law
The Law
by Frederic Bastiat
(70-page book)

Great Myths of the Great Depression
Great Myths of the
Great Depression

by Lawrence W Reed
(20-page booklet published by FEE)

Stossel Microeconomics DVD
ABC News Microeconomics
explained by John Stossel (DVD).

Stossel Macroeconomics DVD
ABC News Macroeconomics
explained by John Stossel (DVD).

Public Policy Booklet
Seven Principles
of Public Policy

Concise overview of the principles
that are foundational to
sound public policy.
(12-page booklet)

Russel Sobel DVD
Eight Economic Principles is an overview of the most fundamental economic principles by Dr. Russel Sobel (DVD)

Ultimate Resource
The Ultimate Resource
Lives are transformed by free market incentives and sound economic reforms. Filmed in Ghana, Bangladesh, Peru, Estonia and China. (DVD)

Planning for Freedom
Planning for Freedom by Ludwig von Mises
Excellent advanced text to supplement the curriculum. (Book)

Additional Items

Penny Candy is a required part of this curriculum. Families who don't already own this excellent book set can take advantage of the lowest prices you'll find anywhere!

What Every Happened to Penny Candy?
Penny Candy Set

What Every Happened to Penny Candy?
A Bluestocking Guide Economics
a Workbook for Penny Candy

Stossel in the Classroom FREE for students!
2007 Stossel highlights economic principles.
2008 Hype and Consequences sparks engaging discussion.

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