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June Arunga was born in Kenya in 1981. She has a law degree from the University of Buckingham and founder and president of Open Quest Media LLC. Ms. Arunga speaks regularly on globalization and development issues.

The Devil's Footpath is a documentary of Ms. Arunga's trip through Africa in the fall of 2003. Produced by Insight News TV, it is available on DVD from Economic Thinking. Read an interview by Global Envision about making the documentary.

June Arunga

Ms. Arunga is a Member of the board of advisers for: Global Envision, USA and is a Senior Fellow at Istituto Bruno Leoni, Italy. Ms. Arunga's Wikipedia page is here, and presentation for The Economist conference on The Ideas Economy is here.

Films and Publications

Writer/ Host
The Devil's Footpath -5,000 mile journey from Cairo to Cape town through six countries conflict inflicted countries. (2004, BBC TV)

Africa: Who is to Blame? - A rare documentary on a continent where the political culture has historically been that authority is not challenged. New generation Africa meets old. The non-political meets political veteran. In a debate over a 14 day road trip with the former president of Ghana, June Arunga asks someone who was in power for 20 years: "Who is to Blame?" (2005, BBC World TV)

Africas Ultimate Resource profiles African immigrant entrepreneurs, why they leave and what happens to their ventures when they move business from one continent to another (2005, Victory Studios)

Co- author
The Cell-Phone Revolution in Kenya Published byIBL, Milan, Italy, IPN, London, UK.
(January 2007)

By Johan Norberg in Globalization is Good based on the Award winning book by Johan Norberg In Defence of Global Capitalism, (2002, Channel 4 UK)

The Cell-Phone Revolution in Kenya is a BBC News Night mini-documentary. (February 2007)

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